Wanted: Communications campaign to promote good citizenship

Vosgelis launched a communciations campaign to promote good citizenship in its neighbourhoods. The main objective of the campaign was to reduce disrespectful behaviour and misconduct of all kinds, particularly those actions which affect public services (social housing providers, town halls, hospitals).

Wanted communications campaign to promote good citizenship. Images of 3 campaign posters.

How did the communications campaign promote good citizenship?

More specifically, the communications action aimed to:

  1. Inform the tenants of Vosgelis’ neighbourhoods about how to better respect the rules of cleanliness and good citizenship, with a light-hearted communication campaign
  2. Inform the general public about the position of Vosgelis: the fact that being unable to impose sanctions does not imply that we are unable to react

Indeed, Vosgelis by its status does not have the authority to apply the sanctions which are mentioned on the posters of this campaign. The main aim is therefore not to reduce disrespectful behaviour substantially and quickly by repressive measures but to discourage such behaviour by making fun of the ‘guilty’.

Impact on the neighbourhood

The goal will be achieved if the tenants take ownership of the “portraits” Vosgelis created and use them to respect their neighborhoods. Children can play an important role in this process: “Hey dad! Look, it’s Pat the Pooh!”.

This is why Vosgelis constantly transmits a very sustained communication on the subject with various tools, including:

  • image bank at the disposal of local employees so that they can compose their own posters according to the problems of their neighbourhoods;
  • video spots on social networks;
  • regular campaigns mixing posters in our agencies and in the entrance halls of our properties, and pictures on social networks.

Find out more

To find out more about this communications campaign to promote good citizenship, please do not hesitate to contact Vosgelis’ Coordinator through the Members Only Zone. If you are not yet a member of Eurhonet, find out how to join us.

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