Aspö Eko-logi: Building a sustainable community

Aspö Eko-logi, a project run by Skövdebostäder, is more than just a housing project. You can find residential buildings, a farm with animals, an area of allotments, beautiful nature and even a preschool. The houses are built with a strategic focus on ecological sustainability. Let’s find out more about this model for building a sustainable community…

Sustainability at the heart of the community

Skövdebostäder implemented details in the apartments and community areas to help tenants to live sustainable lives.

For example, an irrigation system was installed to capture the rainwater and use it for watering the plants. The apartment heating system uses low energy consumption, and there is a possibility to switch off all electronic devices when leaving the apartment using a single power button.

In addition, green spaces allow possibilities to grow vegetables and be close to nature. The farm animals and activities provided at Aspö are definitely unique and out of the ordinary!

Model for building a sustainable community. The community seen from above, with apartment buildings, homes, farms and lots of green space.

Find out more about building a sustainable community

To find out more on this model for building a sustainable community, please do not hesitate to contact the organisation’s Coordinator through the Members Only Zone. If you are not yet a member of Eurhonet, find out how to join us.

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