Urban Development – DrottningH

Best practice of Helsingborgshem, Sweden

In 2011, our municipality assigned Helsingborgshem with the mission of contributing to the greater development of our city both on an operative and strategic level. “We will make Helsingborg an attractive city to stay and live in for a diversity of people”. Seven years into this work all of what we do breathes this large vision, not least in our greatest Urban Development project – DrottningH.

During the same year, 2011, the first drafts of DrottningH were developed with an aim of transforming the most deprived and socially strained neighborhood in Helsingborg into something completely new. Drottninghög was marked by a high crime rate and low sense of security and safety. It had a bad reputation and was plagued by social stigmatisation and alienation. In approximately 25 years’ time, Drottninghög was to double in size and turn into a thriving area reflecting Helsingborgs growth as a whole – all the while focusing on social sustainability and its existing population.

DrottningH as a project is driven by the local municipality in close collaboration with Helsingborgshem. Collaboration and teamwork is crucial in dealing with such an objective and 7 years into the project we are working hard with improving the rate of employment, refurbishing, building new properties and transforming the neighborhood center. All in close collaboration with the municipality, private developers and local residents.

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To find out more on this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact the organisation’s Coordinator through the Members Only Zone.

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