Wall of Fame

Best practice by AB Stångåstaden, Sweden

In the Skäggetorp neighbourhood, the majority of children lack technical and modern equipment such as computers and iPad sbecause they do not have the same living conditions as the other children in Linköping. Digitalisation and the knowledge of its use in schoolwork is an important aspect for these children’s development in our digitalised age.

The project leader decided to involve the school and the Real Estate Owner Association, where AB Stångåstaden is a member, to see what kind of motivation could be found for these kids in order to engage themselves more in school and set good examples and role models. The collaboration has resulted in a grant in which all the winners will have their portrait installed on the newly created “Wall of fame” in school. The wall of fame will be a legacy for the school and the pupils get good role models and goals to strive to.

This project is innovative from 3 different aspects:

  1. The project states a clear example that cooperation with entities outside our own groupings lead to innovative ways to solve problems. Here, two different groups – the school and the Real Estate Owners Association – get together, collaborate and change their focus from downpipe thinking to collaboration for the pupils’ future. In turn, the students are encouraged to get study results and have good behaviour inside and outside school.
  2. The pupils gain recognition, become role models and set good examples both in school and in the neighborhood. The good performance is premiered openly.
  3. The idea and the creation of a “Wall of fame” in the school is a way to create pride amongst the pupils for living in Skäggetorp and remind them, the teachers, the parents and people who come to visit the school that good achievements are seen and recognised.

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To find out more on this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact the organisation’s Coordinator through the Members Only Zone.

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