INTEGRA – Involving tenants in maintenance work

The INTEGRA project created a model to facilitate involving tenants in maintenance work in their buildings. In return, residents received financial compensation, helping them to manage the expenses of their homes. The model can be replicated by other public and social housing providers.

How did tenants get involved in maintenance work?

The INTEGRA project was created through a partnership between ATC Piemonte Central, the Municipality of Turn, and the association ‘Terza Settimana’.

The model aims to help ATC Piemonte Central’s tenants in the most precarious situations to meet the expenses of their homes by decorating and maintaining the common areas of their buildings. All of this is financed with working vouchers from the Banking Foundation ‘Compagnia di Sanpaolo.’

A win-win for all tenants

The project is beneficial for all tenants. The tenants involved in the maintenance work get the financial contributions to support their living. By gaining skills and experience in the workplace, the programme can also support the longer term entry of tenants into the labour market. In addition, the maintenance work impacts the quality of life of all residents, as these works are essential to prevent the deterioration of the housing.

The objectives of involving tenants in maintenace work are therefore multiple:

  • increase employment of people from disadvantaged groups in public housing;
  • improve the quality of life and care within the public housing neighbourhoods;
  • generate good practices on tenant involvement
  • improve supervision and safety in public housing estates;
  • build a model that can be replicated in another social housing neighbourhoods.

Find out more

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