Tenant portal and app

26 January 2024

DOGEWO21 aimed to improve customer service by introducing an online tenant portal and app. Through the digitalisation of various tenant services, DOGEWO21 streamlined its processes, improved efficiency, and ensured that tenants could access information more easily.

Easy to use service

Taking a user-centred approach, DOGEWO21 aimed to provide a service that would make the tenant experience easier. Tenants only need to register, receive the access data, and then they can get started.

The online portal and app allow tenants to change their personal data 24/7, access their rental agreement and utility bill at any time, and request rental certificates. In addition, people can report damages and send the photos right away. Previously, tenants had to wait for a personal appointment. Therefore, the tenant portal and app makes the service much more efficient.

When damages are reported, DOGEWO21 tenants can also see their appointments with craftspeople to carry out repairs. They can also track the status of their personal concerns.

Photo: DOGEWO21

Gaining insights from the Talent Academy

As DOGEWO21 is committed to considering different points of view and gathering expertise to provide the best service to tenants, two colleagues attended Eurhonet’s Talent Academy in 2022. That edition of the Talent Academy focused on the digitalisation of communications with tenants. Participants worked in small teams on a strategy to develop a tenant portal and got feedback from a professional jury.

Find out more about the tenant portal

To find out more about the development of the tenant portal and app, please contact DOGEWO21’s coordinator through the Members Only Zone. If you are not yet a member of Eurhonet, find out about joining us.

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