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Access to a legal advice can be life changing. However, many people can feel excluded from the system and are unable to access this right. Therefore, Vosgelis (France) took a great step in helping tenants by providing free legal support as part of its social innovation strategy. The ‘Printemps des avocats’ (Spring of Lawyers) initiative took place on 12 May 2023. 300 people met with a lawyer for free in their neighbourhood.

Social innovation strategy. A group of lawyers and social housing professionals stand outside a bus,

“We realised that many of our tenants thought that the law was not for them. We wanted to change that,”

stated Fabrice Barbe, CEO of Vosgelis, at the Eurhonet Leadership Summit 2023.

How did the initiative work?

Vosgelis carried out the initiative in collaboration with the ‘Barreau d’Épinal’ (the lawyers association of Épinal). In the run-up, an information campaign was launched called ‘Au nom de vos droits’ (In the name of your rights). Vosgelis disseminated information through posters, the press, social media and email.

Tenants of Vosgelis could register by phone or online for a twenty minute appointment with a lawyer. The appointments took place in 22 offices. In addition, a mobile office was set up on a coach that travelled around Vosgelis’ neighbourhoods so that more people could benefit from the initiative.

People could consult the lawyers about any concern they had, including family rights, finance and heritage, disputes and complaints, and other legal issues.

How does this relate to Vosgelis’ wider social innovation strategy?

Vosgelis’ social innovation strategy aims to increase purchasing power and ensure equal access to rights through the provision of social services. Equal access not only relates to legal assistance, but also to home ownership, education, feminine hygiene, and other rights.

This Best Practice was presented at our Leadership Summit 2023.

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