Tackling Period Poverty: Initiatives for equality and health

5 October 2023

Period poverty affects approximately 4 million women in France, as reported by the French association Règles Élémentaires. Vosgelis, a social housing provider committed to improving the quality of life of its tenants, has taken proactive steps to combat this issue. Vosgelis has launched two initiatives to combat period poverty, providing accessible and affordable menstrual hygiene products for women living in Vosgelis’ neighbourhoods.

Let’s talk about period poverty…

According to data from the European Commission, women in Europe spend an average of €675 on menstrual hygiene products annually. This financial burden can make these essential items inaccessible to many, posing health risks and increasing the likelihood of social exclusion. As the cost of living continues to rise, an increasing number of people may find themselves at risk of period poverty.

Vosgelis decided to take steps to reduce this impact.

Voseglis tackling period poverty. Image of disposable and reusable period products in front of Vosgelis neighbourhood

Vosgelis’ approach to alleviating period poverty

As part of its campaign ‘Chez Vosgelis, on respecte les règles’, Vosgelis has taken concrete steps to tackle period poverty among its residents. The campaign involves two initiatives aimed at empowering women to manage their health with dignity and ease.

Affordable and sustainable solutions

Vosgelis partnered with a local manufacturer specialising in menstrual underwear. As Vosgelis subsidises the cost, tenants can purchase these products at a reduced price. The products are locally manufactured within the Vosges region, promoting sustainability and supporting the local economy. So far, 450 subsidised products have been sold.

Access to free disposable products

Vosgelis has installed 17 distribution points offering free disposable period products in their neighbourhoods. This initiative ensures that residents have easy access to essential items for health and well-being.

Vosgelis’ vision of social equality

Addressing period poverty is one branch of Vosgelis’ social innovation strategy. Other initiatives include:

  • Free legal advice: Vosgelis ran an initiative offering free legal advice for residents. Read more here.
  • Education programmes: Recognising that not all children have the same learning opportunities at home, Vosgelis launched an online homework help programme. This free, individualised daily support helps bridge educational gaps. Currently, 430 families residing in Vosgelis’ properties have signed up to the programme.

Find out more

Through these initiatives, Vosgelis aims to create more equitable and empowered communities. To find out more about this initiative, please contact Vosgelis’ Coordinator through the Members Only Zone. If you are not yet a member of Eurhonet, find out how to join us.

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