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germany / stadtsiedlung-heilbronn

SKAIO: Germany’s first wooden high-rise building

SKAIO stands tall at 34m high, comprising 10 floors of innovative timber-hybrid architecture. The building is almost entirely recyclable.

austria / wiener-wohnen

Urban renewal project: Georg Emmerling Hof

Wiener Wohnen renovated the Georg Emmerling Hof building from 2019 to 2022. It placed a strong emphasis on thermal renovation….

sweden / vatterhem

Energy saving for sustainable housing

Between 2007 and 2022, Vätterhem achieved considerable savings in energy consumption. One of the key elements was the recruitment of…

germany / bauverein-ag

Subsidised apartments

In just six months of construction, 32 public subsidized apartments were built in “Rodgaustraße”, a former social focus. Despite record…

sweden / skovdebostader

Aspö Eko-logi

Aspö Eko-logi is a part of something more than just housing. You can find residential buildings, a farm with animals,…

sweden / gavlegardarna

Sustainable Nordost

AB Gavlegårdarna is in the process of renovating houses built at the time of the public housing program “Miljonprogrammet” in…

france / vosgelis

Vivez L’eco-Logis – An educational apartment aimed at reducing heating costs

The “Vivre l’Eco Logis” educational apartment is intended to welcome residents of social housing areas and the general public to…

sweden / ab-stangastaden

YouSuAL – Young Sustainability Ambassadors of Linköping

The aim of this project is to, in an educational way, engage students in sustainability questions from the view of…

sweden / orebrobostader-ab

ÖBO Climate Concept

ÖBO’s concept is not based on patented technology, but rather on a systems approach. This means that the technology we…

sweden / uppsalahem

Klimaträtt – See, understand, and change your daily climate impact

Uppsalahem initiated together with ICA the KlimaträttProject with the main objective to provide help, support and inspiration for our tenants…

16 results
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