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Italy / IPES Bolzano

Renovation for energy efficiency and quality of life

One of IPES Bolzano’s priorities is to improve the energy efficiency of its building stock. Every year, buildings are refurbished…

France / OPAL

Bio-based materials in housing

To contribute to sustainable development and reduce its environmental impact, OPAL prioritises the use of bio-based materials. OPAL made the…

Germany / DOGEWO21

Ecological responsibility – helping bees through wildflower meadows

Initiatives to conserve and protect our natural resources are essential. DOGEWO21 joined forces with a local daycare to create a…

Sweden / ÖrebroBostäder AB

Sustainable and comfortable housing

During 2023, the first tenants moved into new flats by Örebrobostäder (ÖBO) in the block called Biplanet (the Biplane*), located…


Communication campaign encouraged tenants to save 42 million litres of water

As part of Bostadsbolaget’s mission to reduce climate impact, we launched #waterhack, a water-saving campaign that rolled for 3 months,…

Italy / Aler BCM

Deep renovation without relocating residents: Life Cycle Thinking Approach

Aler BCM carried out an innovative deep renovation of a social housing building in Prevalle to increase seismic resilience and…

Sweden / Uppsalahem

Pop-up store for recycled items

Over the next ten years, approximately 1,700 apartments will be renovated in Uppsala. How to do this while working towards…

Sweden / Botkyrkabyggen

Loan for social sustainability in renovation projects

Botkyrkabyggen, a Swedish affordable housing provider, faces a significant challenge. Buildings constructed in the 1960s and 1970s require renovations of…

Sweden / Uppsalahem

Reusing 3,000 bricks: from a sports field to public housing

Uppsalahem is set to renovate million-program facades in the Gottsunda district in Uppsala using surplus bricks from a sports facility…

Germany / Stadtsiedlung Heilbronn

SKAIO: Germany’s first wooden high-rise building

SKAIO stands tall at 34m high, comprising 10 floors of innovative timber-hybrid architecture. The building is almost entirely recyclable.

25 results
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