Ecological responsibility – helping bees through wildflower meadows

26 January 2024

Initiatives to conserve and protect our natural resources are essential. DOGEWO21 joined forces with a local daycare to create a wildflower meadow. Older people from the DOGEWO21 neighbourhood agency also acted as volunteers to help maintain the green space. This is an important initiative in terms of both environmental and social value, promoting green space and building community.

DOGEWO’s commitment to ecological responsibility

DOGEWO21 has been investing for years in reducing energy consumption in its housing stock, as well as in supplying its homes with low-CO² energy and heating. For DOGEWO21, the preservation and creation of green spaces are not just questions of living and quality of life, but rather important parts of ecological sustainability. More and more often, DOGEWO21 is creating specialised initiatives to protect the local insect world and transform green spaces into wildflower meadows.

Children stand on edge of soil throwing seeds. As part of initiative for environmental and social value
Wildflower meadow

Photos: DOGEWO21

Creating a wildflower meadow with kindergarten children

In a joint initiative with the kindergarten “Das Kinderhaus e. V. ”, DOGEWO21 has created a wildflower meadow.

DOGEWO21 is happy to have provided an area of around 100 m2 next to the service office in Dortmund-Wambel. The housing agency took the responsibility to prepare the soil, ready for the children to start sowing seeds.

“Feeding” butterflies and bees is the declared goal of the daycare children at “Das Kinderhaus e. V.” at Geßlerstrasse 17. The children have sown colourful wildflower seeds and are now eagerly waiting for everything to sprout. Volunteer older people from the DOGEWO21 neighbourhood agency Geßlerstrasse act as additional sponsors. Meanwhile, DOGEWO21 takes care of the basic maintenance of the wildflower meadow.

Find out more

To find out more about this initiative to create a wildflower meadow or DOGEWO21’s other actions for environmental and social value, contact DOGEWO21’s coordinator through the Members Only Zone. If you are not yet a member of Eurhonet, find out about joining us.

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