Digital Communication and Technology Topic Group welcomes new co-leader

1 July 2024

This week, our Digital Communication and Technology Topic Group will be meeting in Munich, hosted by Münchner Wohnen. We will also be welcoming our new Topic Group co-leader, Stuart Hitchman. Stuart will be working alongside Alessia Pareschi to develop and coordinate the group’s activities. We spoke to Alessia and Stuart to find out more!

Alessia Parschi

Alessia Pareschi

Münchner Wohnen GmbH, Germany
Stuart Hitchman

Stuart Hitchman

Rooftop Housing Group (MATRIX Housing Partnership), UK

Stuart: “I have worked in technology for over 30 years. Prior to joining Rooftop, I worked in local government and was a consultant. I am a great believer in the product that we deliver, the provision of good quality homes, and support for those people who are in need and struggling to afford to live.”

Alessia: “I studied political science and then started working in public relations. I always had a strong European focus in my studies and in my jobs. Over 10 years ago, Münchner Wohnen offered a position where I could combine both my communication skills and my passion for Europe. So, I took the chance and started working in the social housing sector.”

Alessia: “I think that people understand more and more the important role of communications for companies in general. Especially with regards to social housing, I think that communication plays an even bigger role because of the variety of tenants.

Social housing companies not only offer apartments but also take care of the people living there and hence help building communities. So, the range of tasks can be broader than in other sectors. Digital communication provides a great opportunity to support our goals and at the same time, we have the challenge that people still want to meet and communicate in person. To find the right balance is certainly an important task.”

Stuart: “For IT colleagues, the challenges are: costs, data, business resilience, technology and data security, the implementation and adoption of artificial intelligence, and adoption by colleagues and customers.”

Alessia: “I’ve been leading the group since 2018, representing the communication part of the group. I really enjoy being a Topic Group leader since most of our group members have been on board more or less from the beginning. So, we’ve know each other for quite a while now and it is great to see how all of us have evolved in our work over the years. Every meeting has broadened my horizons, and I always take back something new for my work in Munich.”

Group working around a table
Group listening to tour guide

Stuart: “I am passionate about technology and its use, and I was fortunate to lead the Eurhonet IT group when it was first formed in 2015. It is so good to share experiences of innovation and operational delivery challenges, and the Topic Group provides that opportunity.

I’m looking forward to facilitating the bringing together of like-minded people to explore technology innovations and challenges. Some of the key topics I’d like to tackle in the group are: innovation, the ethics and use of AI, and data.”

Alessia: “I’ve know Stuart for a couple of years now and I attended the first meeting of this group in 2015 when he became the first Topic Group leader. We’ve already been co-leaders before so I know that we perfectly complement each other. Not only with regard to our topics – communication and IT – but also on a personal level. We’re a great team and I’m happy to have him back.”

Stuart: “I think Eurhonet is a wonderful organisation. It brings together like-minded people from across Europe to discuss and develop new ways of working, delivering collaboration and innovation.”

Alessia: “Friendship, sparring partner, personal growth!”

Alessia: “One of my highlights is definitely the workshop on digital accessibility. I acquired additional skills in this field over the last 4 years and I am still fascinated. So, I’m looking forward to discussing this in our group and seeing how other companies introduce digital accessibility in their daily work.

On the second day, we will get a couple of different presentations at the Munich Urban Colab. I’m really looking forward to hearing about the digital twin project and digitalisation in the building sector.”

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