2-3 June 2024: Digital Communication and Technology – Munich

26 June 2024

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Digital Communication and Technology Topic Group meeting in Munich, hosted by Münchner Wohnen. This will be a great opportunity to share experiences and work on our challenges together.

Building on our previous webinar with Professor Gottfried Zimmerman, we will be holding a workshop on digital accessibility. This will enable us to diver deeper into the important topic and share more about how we are improving accessibility in our organisations. We will also be exploring innovation management in public and social housing.

Study visit

On the second day, we will visit the Munich Urban Colab where we will hear presentations on the connected urban twins (digital twin) project of the City of Munich and BEFIVE UnternehmerTUM. We will also hear from start-ups from the building industry who will show us their projects and ideas.

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