The Digital Public Writer

Best practice of Vosgelis, France

The position of Digital Public Writer has been set up to overcome the lack of permanent help for senior citizens, often unfamiliar with computers, to carry out their administrative procedures online (house moving, tax declaration, online payments…).

In providing this assistance, Vosgelis also has a second goal: to increase the purchasing power and solvency of its senior customers through better budget management and to provide information on their rights and the benefits they can claim.

Vosgelis houses a high proportion of seniors: 35.7% of the inhabitants of its properties are over 60 years old, against 23.9% nationally (according to INSEE). In addition, 90% of French people wish to age gracefully at home (according to a survey conducted by OpinionWay in 2012). Secondly, most of these people live in rural areas, which are becoming increasingly deserted by public services and health professionals.

In 2015, Vosgelis created the brand Habitalis to allow senior citizens to continue to live at home for as long as possible. This offers them a range of accommodation and associated services. The services already set up under this brand are:

  • assistance with fuel bills;
  • efforts to prevent social isolation;
  • prevention of loss of autonomy;
  • access to health coverage.
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