(Past) 29 February 2024: Sustainable Construction Topic Group Meeting – Online

22 January 2024

The Sustainable Construction Topic Group will hold their first online meeting of 2024 on 29 February, 15:00 CET. The topic of the meeting will be Artificial Intelligence and Energy Renovation.

When we evaluate the measured to improve a building’s energy efficiency, the assessment is often made on the initial investment and the target energy performance. The environmental impact of producing the materials for retrofit or disposing of them at the end of their life cycle are not always taken into account.

In light of this, Dr. Dietmar Siegele from the Frauenhofer Institut Bozen, Italy will present innovative research on the use of a computerised database (artificial intelligence) to identify integrated solutions to optimise the building’s sustainability factors. Using multi-objective optimisation algorithms, standard solutions are defined for each scenario, allowing us to immediately assess the benefits of a sustainable solution. 

About the speaker

The Fraunhofer Institut is a non-profit research institute working on achieving  a dual transformation: digitalisation and sustainability.

Dr. Siegele is the Head of Process Engineering in Construction at the Institute. He previously carried out his PhD in the field of energy efficiency with a focus on heat pumps and ventilation systems. Having worked as a Senior Researcher on mechatronics, robotics, and innovative energy systems, Dr. Siegele is now leading the team dealing with digitalisation and sustainability in the construction sector.

Join the webinar on AI and energy renovation

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