Le Jardin de Vosgelis – a garden for the employees

Best practice by Vosgelis, France

Vosgelis is engaged in a process of social and environmental responsibility, which has resulted in a detailed action plan. A part of this programme, Vangelis created a shared garden for its employees and a possible change of internal practices in a less regulated fashion.

The innovative nature of this experience also contributes to the image of Vosgelis, which can be defined as a modern and innovative company encouraging new working methods and caring for the welfare of its employees.

It is the first initiative in the region that goes beyond simple gardening. On the head office terrace, which is easily accessible for all employees (adjoining the refectory), 9 vegetable gardens and 6 planters were made available to the employees as well as the necessary accessories: bins, biological potting soil, rainwater collector, composter, insect hotel, winter feeders and drinkers for birds.

The volunteers who are organised in teams of 3, share a vegetable garden and a planter where they plant what they want; the only obligation being to respect the principles of organic farming. Employees bring their seeds and plants and garden during their break time. These gardens are also an opportunity to organise awareness-raising sessions on composting, organic farming and the need for healthy eating.

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To find out more on this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact the organisation’s Coordinator through the Members Only Zone.

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