Employer branding of Stångåstaden

Best practice of Stångåstaden, Sweden

Stångåstaden (Sweden) used an internal and external analysis to adapt its brand messages as an employer. The team analysed its recruitment needs, the strengths of Stångåstaden’s employer brand, the needs and behaviours of Swedish students, and the perception of Stångåstaden’s employer brand.

The next step was to compare the strengths of Stångåstaden’s employer brand with how Swedish students perceive the ideal employer. The common areas in the internal and external analyses were chosen as the main brand messages for Stångåstaden’s employer brand.

The second part of the project was to choose the communication channels for the employer branding strategy. Stångåstaden chose three main external communication channels where messages could effectively reach student candidates. Job ads in the form of films also worked as a type of advertisement for Stångåstaden. This strategy was implemented in the third stage of the project.

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