Social Integration Topic Group web-meeting – 8 April 2021

We are happy to inform you that the next meeting of our Social Integration Topic Group is taking place on Thursday 8th April at 3pm (CEST), 2pm (BST) The webinar, organised along with our colleagues from EFL, will focus on building community resilience after the COVID-19 pandemic. Areas that we will cover include: – An update on our joint EFL/Eurhonet report, detailing the efforts of members in […]

Sustainable Constructions Topic Group webinars (WebEx)

We are happy to announce that the.Sustainable Construction Topic Group will hold the following webinars in March. The Agenda of the meetings will be circulated in a due time!   2 March – 10.30-12.30 CET TOWARDS ALL ELECTRIC BUILDINGS Topics: Electrical heating / Energy Storage / Electric Mobility 16 March – 10.30-12.30 CET TECH FOCUS: GREENERY – INTRODUCING “GREEN” ELEMENTS IN OUR BUILDINGS Topics: Green facades and roof and surroundings 30 March – 10.30-12.30 CET RECOVERY FUND […]

Ageing Topic Group – 17 March 2021 (WebEx)

We are happy to announce that the next Ageing Topic Group meeting will take place on 17 March 2021. The Agenda of the meeting will be circulated in a due time!